It took many late night studio sessions and a fish on my head for this to happen. Thank you Tiramisu for letting me be part of the grand nonsense. Props to fFurious for a video that only Mat Sentul can challenge.

Thanks again Mr. Reed.

And sorry Martin Gore, Beth wasn’t available.
So just let me plunder your voice this time.


Frangipani Bar

4 May 2013


Monster Cat - Underwater (Max Lane Remix)

Download track here.

In the holy spirit of giving and festivities, the Syndicate team embarked upon the Amen Project. The assignment was simple. Everybody had only a week to submit a track by sampling the infamous Amen Break. What lies upon the click(s) are the end results; a set of offerings, from us to you. Thank you for making 2012 another amazing year for the Syndicate family and we hope to offer you more in 2013. Amen.